Hi I am Johanna. I am a passionate designer and artist who loves combining digital development with traditional artwork and creation. With a huge dedication to experimental work, I create solution-orientated communication tools. My focus lies in graphic design, photography and painting. I am inspired by the smell of my pencil case, colours, my beloved ones, nature, journeys and TED-Talks. You can find out more about me here.

Fun facts
Sketchbooks this year 4
Laughs this month 73
Favourite pen
Books this year 4

Even though everything happens online in our digital age, I am of the opinion that print always adds a certain value to their user and offers more possibilities in terms of individuality, memory and existence. I love working analogue and to hold the finished product in my hands.

Photography has always been a passion of mine. The idea of capturing a picture that lasts, appeals to me. Images are universal comprehensible and they constitute an essential part in the advertising industry.


Experimenting with colours, forms and structures means a lot to me. I like the chance and the unknown that will emerge, seeing where the experiment leads me.

Having a comprehensive approach to projects is one of my strengths. Design for me is not just about a nice-looking shell, it is rather the combination of idea, content and design.

Critical thinking and a theoretical based approach comes natural to me. I like questioning behaviour and assumptions. I want my design to break norms and to demonstrate unconventional solutions.

I love working in so many different areas of graphic design, especially in editorial design and corporate design. During my master studies in the U.K. I focused on these subjects and explored if print still has an impact in our digital age.


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